Epoxy Flooring

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To ensure that the floor is more durable and safer for all types of movements, getting an epoxy coating on floor is essential. There are many benefits of getting epoxy coating done on your floor. It ensures that your floor has an extra layer of protection, lasts longer, and has the shiny glossy surface that lifts the look of your place. For all your epoxy coating requirements, WEONE General Contracting has the perfect solution. We make use of the best quality polyamine hardener and epoxide resin to create a coating that shines out. The quality of the epoxy is not the only promise that we make to our clients.

The epoxy coating that we do on your floor is also fast curing. As your epoxy floor coating services provider, we bring with us the premium grade epoxy chemicals that can make any surface easy to clean and maintain. The installation of epoxy coating on floor is pretty easier as compared to any other type of flooring options. They do not need any type of fitting, adhesive, or installation. A layer of epoxy can be efficiently out on the concrete floor and increase the floor's lifespan. We coat a layer of epoxy on the concrete floor of commercial retail outlets, warehouses, sports complexes, manufacturing units, industrial plants, etc. We are open to listening to your requirements and offering a custom-made solution for epoxy floor coating in Saudi Arabia.


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